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Free Membership!!!!

Arb and Forestry Network is a Networking hub that brings together the arboriculture and forestry industries.

Members of the website will have their own page that they can log on to at any time to put all their details on, just like a CV.

Then any one can find you even if they are a member of the public that is looking for some professional to look after the trees in there garden, or someone looking for a freelance climber to help them run their business. There are many categories you can assign yourself to as a member or indeed search for as a browser, such as:

LOLER Inspectors, to give your climbing kit a 6-month safety check,

Freelance Climbers, to assist with your tree surgery business,

Tree surveyors or horse loggers and much more.

Hear is all the categories on Arb and Forestry Network

It is Free of charge to be a member of Arb and Forestry Network, All you have to do is select a category and your county on the home page.